Timothy Fillion, CMT
Bodywork & Somatic Healing


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"That ... was magical." - Yoga Instructor, Brooklyn, NY

"I am always in pain, everywhere, all over my body, and I never feel this much relief.  And now I am going to float out of here... thank you, thank you." - Sales and Marketing Director, NY, NY

Timothy Fillion, CMT offers fifteen years of experience in bodywork and somatic therapy around the world.  His specialty in chronic pain relief, tension release and subtle healing has brought him to New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, LA and Australia.  He currently lives in India.

Intuitive Bodywork 
The body mirrors our inner world.  Hands-on healing can be therapeutic for the body, mind, spirit and emotions.  Bring healing into every aspect of your life.  Sessions are individually customized to meet your needs, ranging from gentle and nourishing to deep and cleansing.

Combine conventional techniques such as Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, and Reflexology with Somatic Healing methods such as the Alexander Techniquemind-body awareness, breath-movement-relaxation, and emotional release.  Sessions conclude with subtle healing and sacred sound vibrations.

Somatic Healing  
Due  to its  gentle,  natural approach,  Somatic Healing is  highly  effective  in  alleviating chronic  pain conditions  of  the spine,  neck,  and  joints,  tendonitis,  repetitive  strain  injuries,  trauma  and emotional  blockages.    It  is also  sought  by  performing artists  like  musicians,  dancers, athletes,  and  actors  to fine-tune  their  expressive  potential.  Incorporates methodology from the Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais.

As a teenager, Timothy suffered from severe chronic pain.  This began a personal study and recovery through bodywork, healing and meditation.  He now shares these very techniques in a nurturing, intuitive way. 


"Wow.  What a relief to get off the table and feel instantly betterThis never happens for me.  For someone with scoliosis, relief directly after the massage is hard to find.  You make everything looser, yet more connected.  Your hands generate so much heat ... they are so warmYou are a healer.  I thank you so, so much for this." - ASL Specialist, San Ramon, CA

"The minute your hands were on me I felt home...The energy spreads like water. I felt secure and able to let go... I covered your table in tears."  -Film Producer, CA

"I have had tendonitis for the past year and have almost stopped playing piano.  In one session the pain is gone and I am back to playing.  What a miraculous gift." - Piano Teacher, Paulo Alto, CA

"Amazing.  I've had all sorts of bodywork done before, but I've never had anyone work on every level all in the same session."  -Product Designer, NYC

"I feel hopeful.  For the first time in a month I didn't have a migraine tonight.  Before, the pain had been increasing and getting worse.  Relief and a change in direction ... progress... is so inspiring.  I feel like it's possible now to get better.  Thank you."  - Artist, Brooklyn, NYC